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Implementation of 17 investment projects will be completed in the Novgorod Region

Implementation of 17 investment projects will be completed in the Novgorod Region

Head of the region outlined the goals for the next year in the investment address.

Last meeting of the Council on investment environment improvement under the Governor of the Novgorod Region was held on December 20 this year. It had an expanded format with the representatives of district administrations, business associations and entrepreneurs. All the members of the Novgorod Region development agency were present at the Council meeting. The investment address of the head of the region, Andrei Nikitin, was the key event of the council meeting. The governor outlined the main tasks and plans of the government for 2019 in his speech.

Thus, the region will continue to form the list of suitable investment sites. Herewith, this process happens daily. Today six new sites in Velikiy Novgorod, the Novgorod and Parfinskiy districts have been enrolled for the scoring procedure.

A successful investment is one of the conditions for becoming a successful business. According to the authorities, the implementation of 17 investment projects worth nearly 12 bln rubles will be completed next year. Implementation of these projects will coin over 1,100 workplaces.

Andrei Nikitin paid special attention to business support issues in his speech. A technology park and a business incubator would open in the Novgorod region the very next week, he said.

GARO technopark is located in the territory of the former GARO plant in Velikiy Novgorod. At present the technology park comprises 1.5 thousand sq. m. of production space available for the residents.

“By creating such infrastructure within the production space of former enterprises, we, among other things, solve the problem of renovation of such facilities,” Andrei Nikitin highlighted.

The business incubator, in turn, will become the first universal platform for its own busines launch and development in the region.

The Governor thinks it necessary to create in 2019 yet another business incubator and an industrial park in Velikiy Novgorod, to launch a technology park in Staraya Russa.

It should be noted that the Center for Youth Innovation Creativity “Sintez” has also started its work in the region. According to the Governor, it is located on the production site of an entrepreneur. A young businessman is ready to teach children who receive technical skills to work with modern equipment.

The authorities believe that new infrastructure facilities and many other steps taken will make our region more appealing for business activities, and, accordingly, the Novgorod region will go up in the National rating of investment attractiveness of the Strategic Initiatives Agency. This year, the region managed to improve its rating position by 24 points and is on the 29th place. However, the Governor is convinced that the region has challenges ahead.

To recap, the Investment environment national rating assesses the regional authorities effort to create favorable conditions for business activities and identifies best practices. Pilot testing of the National Rating was performed in 2014 in 21 constituent territories of the country. The first full-scale ranking was performed in 2015. At that time the regional teams work in creating comfortable conditions for business was assessed in 76 regions. In 2016, the research covered all the 85 regions of Russia. In 2017, 51 regions increased the indicator compared to 2016, whereas in 2018, 78 regions showed progress.

At the Investment Council meeting, the Minister of Investment Policy of the Novgorod Region, Vladimir Kuimov, announced the ranking results for governments of the city district and municipal districts of the Novgorod region in terms of the entrepreneurship development, investment attraction and competition promotion. The rating outsiders were Poddorskiy, Moshenskoy and Marevskiy districts, and Novgorod, Okulovskiy and Krestetskiy municipal districts were at the top.

According to the Ministry of investment policy