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Digital 3D model of the area (Veliky Novgorod, Staraya Russa, Demyansk) 10% increase of the land tax basis. Prompt control over the use of land, woods and quarries, and environment. The geoportal (GIS) of the area covers cadaster, construction, housing and utilities sector, and infrastructure.
Online system of accounting for and dispatching of power resources in the housing and utilities sector (200 schools) Control over efficient heat supply and possible savings of the budget expenditures in the region’s educational institutions amounting to about 30 million rubles (15%).
Digital area-wide power network (Valdai) 10-fold increase of power supply reliability; SAID is not more than 3 hours. Halving of the electric power losses.
Russia’s first factory of STI projects piloting (NovSU) Quick start, efficient management and result replication technology.
Quantorium and the first digital school No. 36 Basis for the training of digital economy personnel.
Digital transformation of regional healthcare 7+ high-tech projects: Artificial intelligence, Speech recognition, Big data, Telemedicine. Death rate reduction, increase of the healthcare efficiency and availability of medical services.
Digitalization of authorities Switch to the unified digital platforms of document flow and financial and administrative operations: Making the documentation one-third as great, Halving of the IS support costs, Resource control efficiency increase by 20%.
Project “Smart housing and utilities sector” Transparency of the payments of reduction of utility costs by 15%.
Network of technical clubs around Quantorium Young Mariners’ Club – staff training in the market’s prospective professions Marinet. “IT-cube” – children’s center of IT creative work on the grounds of school No. 36: Robotic technologies, Geoinformatics, Internet of things, Aeronet, Neuronet.