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A New Resident of the Technopark Garo Produces Drink Filling Equipment

A new resident – individual entrepreneur Artem Gorelov – started his work in Novgorod technopark Garo. It was reported by Novgorod region development agency.

At the beginning of this year, Artem Gorelov launched the production of lines for filling drinks into aluminum cans, his products are already known in many cities of Russia and in neighboring countries. The semi-automatic equipment can produce 500 cans per hour in volumes of 0.5L and 0.3L. The automatic line produces 1000 cans per hour in volumes of 0.5 liters and 1200-1300 cans per hour for filling into containers of 0.3 liters.

“Our lines are already operating in most of Russia from the south - Krasnodar, Sochi, - to Novosibirsk, - says Artem Gorelov. - The equipment is demanded by small breweries and lemonade factories. Today we have at least 10 prepaid orders for the next year. Our capacities let us produce 4 lines a month. From the beginning of 2021, after having moved to Garo technopark, we’re planning to double the production”.

The equipment of the Novgorod manufacturer is rightfully considered unique, as there are practically no companies in Russia which produce filling lines for aluminum containers. Many manufacturers have to buy filling equipment abroad. Filling lines produced by Artem Gorelov will in the near future be transported to Belorussia, Ukraine and Italy.

Artem Gorelov became the fourth resident of Garo technopark. The first three are: LLC “Novgorod innovation center”, JSC “Garo-Trade”, LLC “MP-SN”.

Recall that residents of technoparks are completely exempt from property tax for 5 years. During the same period residents can pay 13.5% income tax to the regional budget instead of 17%. In addition, the residents of the technopark who work with the use of a simplified taxation system and who have chosen income as the object of taxation receive a two percent rate. In accordance with regional legislation, these benefits for residents of technoparks are also valid for 5 years.  
11 января 2021 16:58:00
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