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Andrey Nikitin and Eugeny Bogdanov Discussed Implementing of Investment Projects in 2022

Governor Andrey Nikitin and deputy chairman of the government of Novgorod region Eugeny Bogdanov discussed social and economic development of the region and plans concerning investment projects in 2022.

Last year special economic zone “Novgorodskaya” appeared in the region. It’ll let attract into the region companies producing monoclonal antibodies medicines, microelectronics and semi-trailers. It is also planned to start companies processing rapeseed, producing heat- and soundproof materials. It is expected that the companies which get SEZ resident status will invest about 105,2 million USD into the region and more than 700 new jobs will appear.

– We started to create special economic zone “Novgorodskaya”: project documents are being made. Next year we’ll begin to build infrastructural objects and the objects of investment projects at the same time. By 2024 we are planning to implement the projects of existing SEZ residents, - told Eugeny Bogdanov.

According to Eugeny Bogdanov, Novgorod region development agency plays an important role in supporting Novgorod entrepreneurs. Now the Agency is supporting 53 projects with the volume of investment of 2 billion USD, more than 3300 new jobs are planned.

In 2021 the projects with biggest investments were implemented by companies “Nord”, “Yagoda” (Berry) and “Vilina”. “Yagoda” is already implementing one more project – producing jam, also from local raw materials. The volume of investments into the project of “Vilina” – the manufacturer of home goods – is about 6,5 million USD, 300 new jobs appeared.

– Industrial park appeared in Borovichi. More residents will be attracted there. Together with Fund of single-industry towns development we made infrastructure there, about 2,6 million USD were used for that from the regional budget and budget of Fund, – told Eugeny Bogdanov.

The 1st project to be completed in 2022 is Borovichi cardboard and paper factory. More than 10,5 million USD have been invested. The factory got a soft loan of Fund of single-industry towns development at 5%.

The Parfino Plywood Factory and agro-industrial holding Belgrankorm will complete their investment projects. This year, the first stage of a bitumen terminal constructing in Novgorod region should also be completed. The volume of investments in the project is 20 million USD.

DK RUS – company making covers for car factories “Hyundai” and “Lada” – is developing its capacities in Veliky Novgorod. Volume of investments is 3,3 million USD. Eugeny Bogdanov told that the managers of the company asked the government to help in making infrastructure: a bus stop and a sidewalk. Money for it is included into the city budget for 2022.

Industry development fund supports large industry in the region. It’s been working for 2 years now, during this period 20 companies got loans of 1,2 million USD. This money is used for developing and modernizing production facilities. Larger enterprises can get subsidies. It is planned to make more than 100 new jobs this year at these enterprises.

14 companies of the region took part in the project “Labor Productivity”. It is planned that another 7 companies will join the project this year. Participation in the project lets them get economic effect and use the money for modernizing production facilities. 14 companies-members have already got economic effect of about 7,8 million USD. It’ll let them modernize production facilities and create new jobs.

– It’s good that new jobs appear in the companies not only in Veliky Novgorod, but in all the districts as well. I think that personnel of Novgorod region’s economic bloc have done a good job. Now it is important to fulfil the decisions we discussed at the investment council. I mean additional support measures, capitalization of our regional funds, so that we can participate in federal programs. Another task remaining for this year is to support the companies from those areas which have restrictions because of the pandemic, – emphasized Andrey Nikitin.

17 января 2022 15:08:00
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