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Direct line with the GovernorApplication for the project implementation

“Belgrankorm – Velikiy Novgorod” is implementing the investment project worth 1,5 billion rubles

   The Minister of Agriculture of The Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev has paid a visit to Krestetsky district where the LLC “Belgrankorm – Velikiy Novgorod” is working on an investment project, consisting of building a second-degree broiler bird reproducer. According to the “Belgrankorm-holding” chief director Alexander Kotyash, this will allow to increase the production capacity of hatching eggs up to 90,5 million pieces per year. The estimated cost of the project is 1,5 billion rubles.  

The LLC “Belgrankorm – Velikiy Novgorod” employs roughly 930 people and the average salary amounts to 53,7 000 rubles.

  The agro-industrial holding “BEZRK-Belgrankorm” is one of the Russia’s largest poultry and hatching eggs producers. Also, the company is advancing in pork, beef and milk production.

   Additionally in 2019 in the Krestetsky district the company has opened a facility specializing in drying and granulating of bio compost. It has become the first of its kind in Russia, created on the basis of Japanese technology. This technology consists of composting the litter mass and receiving organic fertilizer by way of aging with the purpose of reducing environmental stress. Recycling waste products into high quality organic fertilizers happens by using natural thermal processes which is in line with crop production regulations.

The information has been provided by the press center of the Government of the Novgorod region.
05 мая 2022 15:49:00
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