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Creating Special Economic Zone in Novgorod Region Will Give Another Advantage to the Region

There was a big press-conference of the governor of Novgorod region.

It was opened by the questions from the Internet publication “News 53”: what perspectives for the region well be opened by creating a special economic zone in Novgorod region? Are there companies which are ready to start working in this zone from the moment of its appearance?

The governor told that last year at the meeting of the presidium of State Council asked the president to “unfreeze” the format of special economic zones, so that the regions which didn’t have them could create ones. Губернатор рассказал о том, как в прошлом году на заседании президиума Госсовета обратился к президенту с просьбой «разморозить» формат особых экономических зон, чтобы регионы, в которых их нет, тоже могли их создать. After all, Novgorod region remains in a disadvantageous position being close to Leningrad region and Pskov region which both have SEZs. The president supported this proposition.
After that, allocation of land was carried out (Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod district and Chudovo district) and sent the application to the government.

“Special economic zone is convenient for high-technology enterprises and for the enterprises which export a considerable part of their products, - explained Andrey Nikitin. – Priority and Social Economic Development Area is distinguished by very low profit taxes and social contributions; it is convenient for those enterprises which have a large staff and high social tax. PSEDA is a more convenient format for the inner market.”

According to his words, one more enterprise, which produces microcircuits for space technology will “land” in Novgorod region within the work with military plants. For such enterprises a special economic zone will be created.

The governor noted that the process of creating SEZ is not fast. The experience shows that the question of agreeing in the federal government can take up to half a year. “After that we will develop it, and we will get one more competitive advantage in comparison with other entities of Russia. It will not bring an immediate impact, but it will equalize the situation with our neighbours who created such zones several years ago”, - added the head of the region.

According to the materials of internet publication “News 53”
Photo: press-center of the government of Novgorod region
14 октября 2019 18:29:00
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