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On December 16, plenary session of the 8th annual Russia-Japan business dialogue on cooperation of SME “Business support during and after the COVID-19 pandemic” took place in the center “My business”. Novgorod region was the host region this year.

The region was presented by deputy chairman of the government Evgeny Bogdanov, minister of the investment policy Denis Nosachev and director of Novgorod region development agency Alexander Dementiev.

Representatives of Ministry of economic development of Russia, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (Japan), Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade of Japan, JSC “SME Corporation”, Russian and Japanese companies took part in the plenary session.

In his opening remarks Evgeny Bogdanov underlined that the relations between Russia and Japan started in the 19th century when the Novgorodian Yevfimiy Putyatin travelled to the East. Business connections between Japan and Novgorod region are successful now. Novgorod enterprises export ready products from fish and crustaceans, wood and wood products, toys to the Land of the Rising Sun. Japanese businessmen supply ferrous metal products, equipment and mechanical devices, chemicals, and plastic products.

Denis Nosachev told about SME support measures and about investment activity of the region during the pandemic. Minister underlined that despite the restrictive measures work with investors is being carried out in full. At the moment several companies with foreign capital are planning to become residents of the priority social and economic development area “Borovichi”, special economic zone is being created in the region. Denis Nosachev also noted the tax preferences that residents of business support infrastructure organizations receive, he told what specific support measures are received by businessmen during restrictive measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Alexander Dementiev presented the investment potential of the region. He told about the beneficial directions for cooperation, about the indicators of development of Novgorod region in the past few years in the field of industry, agriculture, tourism, about growth of the investment attractiveness rating of the region.

It was important for the Japanese side to find out how the work with the investor is structured and what a company can get if it intends to open production in Novgorod region.
Both sides noted once more that the information received during the session deepens mutual understanding between the two countries, thus creating new prospects for cooperation and developing the existing ones. The importance of supporting SME both during the COVID-19 pandemic and after it was underlined again.

B2B matching is taking place on December 17 and 18. They give the businessmen the opportunity to find new points of cooperation in the field of trade and investments.
16 декабря 2020 11:26:00
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