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Measures of business support were discussed during a local self-government council at the regional Duma

On May 12th the investment policy minister of Novgorod region Denis Nosachev participated at a local self-government council at the Novgorod regional Duma. It was held in the town of Borovichi and was led by the chairman of the regional parliament Yury Bobryshev.

  The main focus of the meeting was directed towards ways of supporting the economy and citizens during the times of sanctions. Denis Nosachev informed the participants about existing business assistance measures including the ones within the national project framework.

  While listing regional measures of business assistance, the minister emphasized a significant role the Novgorod small business support fund plays. Concessional rates on fund loans are kept at Janyary 1st 2022 level. The number of loans acquired using the Fund’s industrial development program is increasing. Self-employed citizens and social contract participants can receive preferential financing.

  The Novgorod import substitution center is actively engaged. Its experts help companies find alternative suppliers and consumers of commodities, technology, materials, parts, equipment. They also assist in figuring out logistics.

  The minister also reminded that the region is home to two priority socio-economic development areas “Borovichi” and “Uglovka”. The residents are given many tax incentives. Creating special economic zones attracts new investors into the region.
17 мая 2022 11:58:00
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