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New Investment Projects in Valday District Will Give Jobs to 200 People ⠀

On August 24 a regular meeting of Novgorod region’s government took place in Valday district. It was held by first deputy governor Alexander Dronov.

The main point of the agenda was social-economic development of the district. According to the district’s head, more than 1,5 million USD were invested in the 1st three months of this year. 13 investment projects are being made; their total value is about 1,3 million USD. 195 new jobs will appear. The biggest project is a multifunctional sports center. It’ll be ready by 2023. When it is open about 100 new jobs will appear.

Another topic was tourism development. New car- and walk excursion routs will appear. It is planned that two audio guides on electronic platforms on the Internet and mobile applications will be launched by the end of the year.

Deputy governor Elena Kirilova noted that tourist tour “Big Valday Trail” has not only become a brand of the district but of Novgorod region, too. Nothern branch of the route will appear in 2022.
02 сентября 2021 16:31:00
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