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Novgorod region is included into the TOP-15 of the investment climate rating

The region has occupied the 14th position in the National rating of the conditions of investment climate. The results were announced on June, 7, during Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum.
Growth in comparison with the previous year is 15 positions. In 2018 Novgorod region occupied the 29th place in the rating.

Andrey Nikitin thanked business for high praise for the work of the region’s government and of Novgorod region development agency. The governor told what helped the region to grow considerably in the rating. “With the help of specialists from Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI) we carried out a huge work on correcting our mistakes, analyzed the deficiencies and made the plan of quick victory. We made internal requirements to the target models, including the one to reduce period of considering documents from business. We also used the best experiences from the library of smart decisions of ASI. Besides, we did our best to differentiate as much as possible thresholds for getting tax relieves in the districts depending on the population of the territory, so that small investment projects could develop with maximum quantity of relieves”, - noted Andrey Nikitin.
Besides, two PSEDAs (Priority Social Economic Development Area) have appeared in Novgorod region.

“They are located close to the highway between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. There due to Government of Russia the best conditions are created for the investors. Because of limited budget we didn’t invest money into development of infrastructure there. It was done by private investments. Earlier there were no business-incubators, technoparks, industrial park in the region. Now we have all these”, - told Andrey Nikitin.
The head of the region underlined that the region is not going to stop on the reached position.

Let’s add that the National rating of the conditions of investment climate was announced during the meeting “Russian economy: analyzing targets of national development”. The rating is created by Agency for strategic initiatives. The director of ASI Svetlana Chupsheva noted that the competition in the rating was high, 62 regions steadily increase their rates. To grow 1 position up, a region needed to get at least 4 points more than in previous year.
07 июня 2019 12:32:00
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