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Strategic Session "The Best Export Practices of the Regions of the North-West Federal District"

Strategic session "The best export practices of the regions of the North-West Federal District" took place on August 31 in Veliky Novgorod in the center “My business”. Regional ministry of the investment policy told that the head of the region Andrey Nikitin, CEO of Russian export center Veronika Nikishina, representatives of the regions of the North-West responsible for the development of export took part in the event. Deputy CEO of autonomous nonprofit organization “Agency for Strategic Initiatives”, head of the Best Practices direction Alexander Pirozhenko also joined by video conferencing.

In the first part of the program, the heads of export support centers and authorities studied the country's best export practices presented on the Smartteka platform. In the second part, a master class was held for entrepreneurs with online broadcasting on work on electronic trading platforms. It began with a brief summing up of the interim results of bringing Novgorod exporters to international virtual showcases.

E.g., Novgorod export support center has placed 36 companies SMEs on such electronic trading platforms as ebay, etsy, DTAD, All.biz, Alibaba during 6 months. Via the internet our entrepreneurs sell gluten-free cereals, honey products, baby clothes, semi-trailers, embroidery kits, soft toys, electrical components, tea, leather goods, Christmas toys, dishes, decorations, wooden containers for bulk products, refractory products, sweets and many other things. The center is planning to enter Amazon, Fordaq и Epinduo.

LLC “Foton” and the the Alyoshins workshop are among the brightest examples of successful export via the Internet. The 1st company found a partner in Latvia via the DTAD platform. The contract between CEO of LLC “Foton” Vyacheslav Makarov and a representative of the foreign company was signed right during the master-class when they phoned each other via video communication.

Jewelry in the old Russian style of the Alyoshins workshop is bought through the online store in almost ten countries of the world. The representative of the workshop Julianna Karagodova told that the 1st sales on etsy started almost immediately after the showcase was formed. Foreigners like jewelry made of brass, copper, silver, scrapers for gua-sha massage.
01 сентября 2020 11:31:00
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