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The only company in the country producing gluten-free flakes appeared in the Novgorod region

One more investment project of Novgorod region development agency has finished, and the enterprise in Shimsk started operating in full capacity. During the last two years the staff of the Agency have been working with the investors, helping on all the stages.

In April LLC “Stashevkoye” got permit to put into operation the premises where the unique for Russia gluten-free oatmeal flakes of bare-grain oats.

In December 2019 Novgorod regional television prepared a story about this manufacturing. The company’s CEO Vadim Persov at that time told about his new product:  “This is a fully import-substituting production. Now gluten-free oatmeal porridges are represented by Finnish, Czech and a little bit of English product for a rather high price. Patients with celiac disease, gluten intolerance are forced to consume it. They have no choice, we give them the product for a lower price and, in our opinion, of a higher quality. Gluten-free products are useful for every person, for every organism.”
The uniqueness of LLC “Stashevskoye” also lies in the fact that bare-grain oats are grown on Shimsk land and immediately sent for processing, thus avoiding any contact with gluten-containing products.
Now 16 people are working in the company in two shifts, producing 500 kg of product per hour. It is planned to produce up to 230 tons a year.

LLC “Stashevskoye” product can already now be bought via the Internet.  It will appear on the shelves of Novgorod stores very soon, and the price of the product will be several times lower than of its foreign counterparts.

27 апреля 2020 19:29:00
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