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region —
development territory

48.84 billion rubles
will be invested
in 2018

Investment map

  • 30 million people within a radius of 500 km
  • Federal highway M-10 (Moscow - St. Petersburg) and speed highway M-11
  • 1 hour to St.Petersburg
  • 3 hours to Moscow
  • 200 km to airport Pulkovo and to the port in the Baltic sea
  • access to the markets of Belarus, Easten and Western Europe
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single-industry towns
sites for industrial parks
investment sites
pilot region of the National technology initiative
3 days
time of response to the investor
property tax
tax on profits
for residents of industrial parks, technological parks, business incubators
10 000
hectares of free land
270 million
tons of peat
8 million
cubic meters of cutting area
400 MW
available energy resources
Our challenge is to make Novgorod region as a "smart" region, where individual conditions for doing business are providing for each territory
The Governor of the Novgorod Region
Andrey Nikitin
Direct line with the Governor

Investment proposals

Tzaritzyn Istochnik (“tsarina’s spring”)
Tsarina’s spring is one of the main mineral springs of Staraya Russa which is the oldest medical health resort in the North-West of Russia. It was discovered by drilling a well for a salt plant in the 19th century.
The depth of the well is 246 meters. 73.3 liters of water flows out of it per second. The main property of this place is the mineral waters and therapeutic muds of Staraya Russa that do not have any analogues in the world. The construction of a multifunctional health resort complex of interregional importance on the territory of the Tsarina’s spring as well as on the territory of promising investment site will allow using favorable climatic conditions and medical factors and also providing a flow of tourists.

"One Window" for the investor

Our help
Selection of investment sites
Obtaining approvals and permits
Interaction with resource-supplying organizations
The selection of measures of state support and provoding consulting services during the process of preparing a package of documents for obtaining support measures
The selection of sources of financing and provoding consulting services during the process of preparing a package of documents to the financial institution
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To get a support
Director of State Regional Autonomous Institution Agency for Development of Novgorod Region
Alla Vitalievna
+7 908 293-50-14
Address: Velikiy Novgorod,
pr. Mira, d. 32, k. 1, office 320

Success Story

Mikhail Polin, General director of «Setnovo» LLC

«Novgorod Region has an advantageous geographic position between St. Petersburg and Moscow and an extensive supply of raw materials. These two factors became determinants when a plant construction site was being selected. In the future, we are planning a further enhancement of the plant's competitive capacities through the personnel's professional development, forestry scope increase, investing into the production modernization and employment of advanced management models»

Success Story


The furniture factory IKEA INDUSTRY NOVGOROD LLC is the greatest investment of IKEA in Russia into greenfield constructions of a production enterprise. The factory is the part of the value chain of the production group "IKEA Industry". A polished and laminated wood particleboard production plant and a furniture factory are operating in Podberezye Village in Novgorod Region.

Success Story

Vladimir Gavrikov, Executive Director PAO ACRON

«The successful future of ACRON has a reliable basis with a clear vision of the prospects, which include an active investment in large industrial projects and the renewal of fixed assets, introduction of the most advanced energy saving technologies and investment in the key resource - a team of reliable professionals. Оnly relying on these components the long-term investment programs can be built. The strategy of Akron Group's has already been developed for the period through 2025. It includes a lot of promising projects, in particular, the construction on the base of the Novgorod site a nitric acid production and additional urea unit.»

Success Story

Honey house
Anton Georgiev, founder of the company «Honey house» LLC

«We were looking for a place where the enterprise which produce packaging could steadily develop with optimal costs. Expand it in St. Petersburg in rented areas, the price of which is growing geometrically, are having no respects. Оn the other hand the place should be within reasonable logistics and have a transport infrastructure, so we found the website of the Batetsky municipal district, which offered various investment sites.»