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Address: Velikiy Novgorod, per. Polevoy, 20

Business Incubator is an organization established to support small and medium-size businesses at the start of activities, providing the support by leasing the premises and providing services needed for business activities, including consulting, accounting and legal services, as well as educational trainings and workshops.


connection to the power, heat and water supply networks;

15 workspaces equipped with the necessary office appliances;

access to the Internet information and telecommunication system;

multiuser access office equipment (fax, copier, scanner, color printer, telephone PABX);

equipped meeting room.

Business incubator residents:

OOO “Ai Topper”


The total area of free premises offered for potential residents of “X10” business incubator: 231.5 m2


To obtain the business incubator resident status, a company must meet the following requirements:

registration in the territorial bodies of the Federal Tax Service in the Novgorod region;

the implementation of permitted for the resident technopark types of economic activity;

no arrears with regard to taxes, fees, insurance premiums, penalties, fines due to breach of fiscal legislation of the Russian Federation;

the company should not be in the process of liquidation or bankruptcy;

a company must be a small or medium-sized business with the term of activity from the time of state registration not exceeding three years at the time of agreement conclusion with the business incubator management company.


Companies performing the following activities according to the All-Russian Classification of Economic Activities, cannot be located in the business incubator:

financial, insurance services;

retail and wholesale trade;

construction, including repair and construction work;

legal services, notary offices;

pawn offices;

consumer services;

vehicles repair, maintenance and cleaning;

outdoor advertising through advertisement structures, advertising on vehicles;

automobile transportation services for passengers and cargoes;

medical and veterinary services;

food services (except for canteens for the employees of business incubator and companies located therein);

real estate operations, including intermediary services;

production of excisable goods, except jewelry;

extraction and sale of commercial minerals;

gaming business.


Supportive measures for the business-incubator residents:

property tax rate – 0 % (for the term of agreement with the managing company);

income tax rate paid to the regional consolidated budget – 13.5 % (for the term of agreement with the managing company);

tax rate charged due to application of the simplified taxation system for taxpayers choosing income as a taxable asset – 2 % (for the term of agreement with the managing company).