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Direct line with the GovernorApplication for the project implementation

5th Resident in the Borovichi Priority Social and Economic Development Area

Ministry of economic development of Russia Borovichi cardboard and paper factory LLC is registered as a Borovichi PSEDA resident.

The company produces corrugated paper and cardboard, paper and cardboard containers. It is planning to produce paper and cardboard such as kraft-liner. Volume of investments will be about 9,9 million USD. It is planned to reach full capacity in 2023, more than 110 new jobs will appear.

Borovichi cardboard and paper factory will become the 5th resident of PSEDA “Borovichi”. ⠀ Borovichi Furniture Frame Plant, Vilina LLC, RadioChipMontazh LLC and Reinforced Concrete Products-1 LLC have already got this status.

Recall that residency in the territory of priority social and economic development area guarantees some benefits. During the 1st 5 years of working in PSEDA companies’ property is not taxed, during the 2nd 5 years it’ll be 1,1%. Federal part of the profit tax is 3% till 2024 and 2% from 2025. But PSEDA resident is exempt from it during the 1st 5 years from getting 1st profit. Regional profit tax is looks as follows. Standard rate is 17% till 2024 and 18% from 2025, in preferential mode – 5% during the 1st 5 years and 10% during the 2nd 5 years.
03 сентября 2021 16:32:00
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