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From “employed” to “self-employed”: the participants of the “Airplane” project shared their entrepreneurial stories.

On May 27th the final part of the “Airplane” program for self-employed took place in “My business” center. It was arranged by the regional department of the all-Russian public organization “Opora Russia” with the assistance of the Novgorod region development agency within the framework of the national project.

  According to the executive director of “Opora Russia” Polina Kostyukova, the program lasted for two months and consisted of several stages. The first stage included selection of applications. 123 people from both Velikiy Novgorod and fourteen districts showed interest in the “Airplane” project. 79 people got to take the course, which included seven workshops where they learnt the tools of brand building, measures of financial assistance available for self-employed, ways of selling on marketplaces and subtleties of participation in public procurement.

  “According to the total ratings and as a result of the first two sages of the program, 10 finalists were chosen. And today they are presenting their business projects and receiving valuable expert advice”, - Polina Kostyukova added.

   Self-employed participants shared business stories and also presented their products in “My business” center. Vladimir Lebedev, the founder of the carpentry workshop “Aristes”, produces wood furniture and décor. He is a history major graduate who later became a certified carpenter and woodworker. Elena Shinkarchuk, an economist with years of accounting experience under her belt, rediscovered her passion for painting during a maternity leave.

  “I paint with textural paste, acrylic paint, use gilding and silvering techniques and varnishing. And I make panels as well”, - Elena said.
   Alexander Cherstvov, the director of the small/medium business assistance department, was one of the experts who advised Vladimir and Elena on finding clientele, partners and setting prices.

  Svetlana Vasilieva had an intention of holding arts and crafts workshops for children. She also makes bags, backpacks, hair accessories and brooches. Experts gave her tips regarding workshops.

  Another finalist Maria Volynkina is already conducting gingerbread painting workshops. After 10 years of working in a bank, she switched careers and studied to become gingerbread and marshmallow maker and artist. In 2021 she received social contract financing, rented space and bought equipment for gingerbread painting. Today she is busy to the point of having to consider expanding her business.

  Galina Udaltsova is also in the business of making sweets. A grandmother of five arranged her own cake making shop in Pankovka.  
“It all started eight years ago when I completed an online course, got a loan and bought the equipment from a former confectionary shop”, - says Galina. – “Today I have plenty of orders and sometimes make up to seven cakes a day. My fillings are made with soft curd, cream and custard”.

  The remaining finalists of the “Airplane” program are: Timur Kutepov (furniture and cars upholstery shop “Comfy traffic”); interior concrete objects “Warm hands garage”; Kutepova Liliya (natural cosmetics and sensible jewelry shop “La Lune”), Anastasia Leonova (graphic design and SMM creator); Tamara Geldyeva (Valday lash maker).

  Each participant received a program completion certificate signed by the Novgorod region Minister of investment policy Denis Nosachev.

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