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Novgorod businessmen could become the best exporters of the country

Up until July 8th 2022 The Russian Export center is accepting applications from businesses wanting to participate in the Russia’s “The exporter of 2022” contest. The participation is free for large companies, medium and small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.
  The award will be given in 19 nominations: six major ones (separately for large and small businesses) and five additional ones (depending on the size of the company). Among the major nominations are: “The exporter of the year in the industrial sector”; “The exporter of the year in the mechanical engineering sector”; “The exporter of the year in the agricultural sector”, “The exporter of the year in the sector of customer service”; “The trader of the year”.

   Besides that, each contestant will have an opportunity to apply for participation in additional nominations, such as “The breakthrough of the year” (for small businesses), “New geography” (for large businesses), “The best woman-exporter” (separately for small and large businesses), “The best young entrepreneur-exporter” (for small businesses), “The responsible exporter ESG” (separately for small and large businesses).
   The selection of winners will happen in two stages. First the winners for each federal district will be determined and then the experts will select the best exporters of the country out the companies that won at their federal district level.

    Each year the number of participants in “The Exporter of the year” is growing. In comparison to 2018 when there were 50 contestants, more than 1800 exporters participated in 2021. The main purpose of this award is to demonstrate that in each single part of Russia there are companies that produce high quality goods and services, which are in demand not only on the domestic market, but internationally as well. The press secretary of the Russian export center’s director Veronica Nikishina has emphasized that the latest is especially important in the times of sanctions.

   Those wanting to participate may fill out the questionnaire using the link  http://awards.exportcenter.ru/anketa/?utm_medium=news&utm_campaign=roiv_news_exporter_goda_22.

  More about the award can be found at https://awards.exportcenter.ru/.

  It should be added that “The exporter of the year” contest is held within the “International cooperation and export” project supported by The Ministry of Industry and Trade, The Ministry of Economic Development, The Ministry of Agriculture and The Ministry of Digital Development of Russia.

  Novgorod region’s 2021 best exporters were selected in the center “My business” in March. It took place within the 5th conference called “Export –the foundation of successful business”.
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