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Direct line with the GovernorApplication for the project implementation

Novgorod region is opening a direct chanel for communication in order to find foreign partners.

As of March 6 2022 Novgorod export support center is introducing a direct chanel of communication for regional companies who experience various challenges related to raw materials, components and equipment shortages and logistics issues due to the sanctions imposed by certain countries.
The specialists of the Center are highly experienced in finding foreign partners and they will assist  both Novgorod’s companies and investors regarding the following aspects:
•    Finding alternative raw materials and components suppliers among friendly nations;
•    Using statistic data locating foreign companies among friendly nations, who already supply Russia with raw materials and components;
•    Submitting requests to the Trade Representations of the Russian Federation in those countries and arranging “ Ah hour with the Trade Representative”.

In Addition applications for online conferences with the Trade Representatives in Argentina and The United Arab Emirates are being submitted.

The Novgorod region development agency will actively participate in this mission. It is working closely with the countrie’s entire network of other agencies specializing in bringing in investments and finding alternative suppliers.
06 марта 2022 12:06:00
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