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Direct line with the GovernorApplication for the project implementation

The renovation of the Western market in Velikiy Novgorod will accelerate the development of the entire neighborhood.

The Western market located on Popova Street in Velikiy Novgorod is no longer just a market where locals simply drop by to get groceries. After being renovated “the Western” (as people call it) is also a place to return to for a dose of positive emotions.
The renovation started in the summer of 2020 and lasted for a year and a half. The market got fully renewed and reequipped. But changes didn’t end there. Prior to that the building resembled a box and lacked light and appeal.  Now the Western has transformed into a modern and multifunctional space. More that 100 million rubles were invested into the project.
Those changes would not take place if it weren’t for the assistance of the regional government and its effort to accelerate the investment activity of the region.
The plan and specifics of the process were discussed plenty during the Government council sessions led by the Governor Andrey Nikitin. The Novgorod region development agency continues to assist the market in finding vendors.
“Our staff members travel to various municipal locations to establish connections with interested businesses. And many of them currently represent their products on the Western market”. – Alexander Dementiev, the director of the Novgorod region development agency told us.
The chief director of LLC “ISK Novinvest” Anton Bondaletov added that thanks to the grant from The Novgorod creative economy fund, a modern stationary stage has been installed in the market area.  What did all the efforts amount to?
“Well, The Western market now combines art space, invention area, food court, and contemporary gastronomic space. Here we are hosting art workshops, culinary master classes, fairs and seasonal fests.”- Anton Bondaletov concluded.
The visitors of The Western market can now both shop and spend quality time with friends and family. Hanging out in a coffee shop, taking selfies in a “colorful umbrella alley” all while enjoying the beautifully designed space. And folks do take a full advantage of it. For instance, a contemporary dance studio J dance has recently filmed their video here.
This set up benefits everyone involved. Shoppers have great time while purchasing quality products and renters and vendors benefit from large numbers of people coming in.
All mentioned above would also create around 250 jobs while bringing close to 50 million rubles annually into the regional budget by way of taxes.
Additionally, the Western market became an area for implementing social projects. A contract with the charity foundation “Give food freely” is now signed and free of charge trading spots have been created.
The positive momentum doesn’t end with The Western market territory. This establishment has accelerated new ideas for the entire western neighborhood. The project of an entertainment center called “Madagascar” for both kids and adults has been completed and is expected to be open in 2025.
Besides The Western market investors have created a plan of remodeling a part of Popova Street into a space with rest areas, sports park, bicycle stations and art work. The Novgorod region development agency along with the local government will assist in bringing the project to life. This would increase the appeal of the area for both residents and businesses.
11 марта 2022 12:05:00
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