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The second one: taxes in Novgorod region have been reduced for certain categories of business ⠀

Second set of support measures for entrepreneurs particularly affected by coronavirus have been developed in Novgorod region. It is connected with tax burden.

On April, 22, deputies of the regional Duma supported the initiative of the authorities to ease several tax regimes at the same time:
✅ to reduce rates for affected sectors on the simplified taxation system from 6% to 1% with the object of taxation “income”, from 15% to 5% with the object of taxation “income minus expenses”
✅ to halve the costs of all patents;
✅to halve property tax for hotel business organizations and passenger transportation companies;
✅ to halve transport tax for passenger transportation;
✅to halve property tax for lessors provided that they reduce rent at least by 50% for the tenants from the list of particularly affected industries and those tenants who have suspended their work.

All the support measures above except for reducing of patents’ cost, are valid from January,1 till the end of the year. Exemption for patents come into force on April, 1.

We recall that the order of the head of the region defines the areas of business which were mostly painfully “hit” by the virus. They are hotels, tourist business, museums and objects of culture, catering companies, business in education, art and entertainment, sport and recreation, organizing conferences and exhibitions.

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22 апреля 2020 16:39:00
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