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Support measure card

Parameter Value
Support type and terms
  • Amount – 100 to 1000 million rubles;
  • Interest rate – 5% per annum;
  • Participation with the Initiator’s own funds in the project – at least 15%;
  • Loan repayment deferral – not more than 3 years;
  • Available security;
  • Independence of the principal town enterprise operations
Support receivers An investment project executed in a form of capital investments by a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur in the area section consisting of one or several land plots, within the mono-industry town borders, and in the area sections adjacent to the mono-industry town within the borders of a production, industrial, science or agricultural industrial park or, if some of the production capacities of the said entities is located outside the mono-industry town area, yet are a component of a single production process aimed to achieve a common economic result (goods manufacture, works execution services rendering).
Restrictions for the support receivers The participation of the Fund in the project makes not more than 40 % of the total project cost; moneys of the Fund may be directed only to capital investments; availability of a general agreement concluded with the constituent territory of the Russian Federation
Requirements to the support receivers
  • The project is not an investment project for reconstruction, retrofitting, modernization and/or retooling of the principal enterprise of the mono-industry town;
  • Annual cost of the goods (works, services) purchased from the principal enterprise of the mono-industry town does not exceed 50% of the annual cost of all goods (works, services) purchased for the purpose of the investment project implementation;
  • Annual proceeds from the sales of goods (works, services) of the principal enterprise of the mono-industry town does not exceed 50% of the annual proceeds received from the sales of goods (works, services) manufactured (executed, rendered) as a result of the investment project implementation.
Governmental support period
  • Up to 8 years
Required documents for rendering the governmental support measure
  • Recommended practices on preparation of the document package for participation in the selection of investment projects planned to be funded using the means of non-commercial organization “Fund for development ofof mono-industry towns”
Decision-making period 65 workdays