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Address: Borovichi district, mst. Perevalka, 17

 The greenfield industrial park «Preobrazhenie» is a platform for the implementation of investment projects in the field of industrial, agricultural production and logistics.

The initiator of the creation of the industrial park "Preobrazhenie" in the monotown of Borovichi, Novgorod region was the limited liability company "Vilina" - one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of household goods. The industrial park opened on January 31, 2019.

The territory of the industrial park today is formed by three land plots with a total area of 8 hectares. Potentially, the territory of the industrial park is about 40 hectares.

The total area of the constructed production and storage facilities is 6646 sq.m. The total area of constructed office space is 494.9 sq.m. There are currently no vacant industrial and office premises. The actual occupancy of the industrial park facilities is currently 100%.

On the territory of the industrial park there is access to a railway siding with access to the Oktyabrskaya railway. The M11 motorway exit is 40 km away.

The industrial park is located on the territory of the Borovichi TAD, which makes it possible for its residents to use tax benefits upon obtaining the status of a TAD resident.

Residents of the industrial park are provided with the following benefits:

‒ reduced to 13.5% income tax rate credited to the city budget (10 years);

‒ real estate of legal entities located in a technopark or industrial park is not subject to real estate tax (10 years).

Also, residents of industrial parks can take advantage of TAD benefits

   Regular tax treatment  Taxation in TAD
Corporate property tax rate     2,2% 0% - the first 5 years after obtaining the status resident;
1,1% - next 5 years
 The rate of the federal part of income tax     3% 0% - the first 5 years after receiving a profit from activities
 The rate of the regional part of income tax     17% 5% - the first 5 years;
10% - next 5 years
 Contributions to the Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund,
Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund

7,6% - first 10 years

Contact details:

General Director of LLC "Managing Company "Preobrazhenie" - Shvagirev Igor Yuryevich

Tel.: 8 (81664) 5-19-30 

E-mail: shwagirev_iu@vilina.ru