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Investment map

  • 30 million people within 500 km radius
  • Federal motorway M10 (Moscow – St. Petersburg) and highway M11
  • 1 hour to St. Petersburg
  • 3 hours to Moscow
  • 200 km to Pulkovo Airport and to the Baltic Sea port
  • Access to the markets of Belarus, Eastern and Western Europe


Industrial park
3 days
takes an investor to receive a reply
property tax
tax on profits
Business incubators
30 000
ha of available land plots
270 million
tons of peat
Investment sites
600 MW
available power resources
As I see it, the Ministry of the Investment Policy and the Development Agency of the Novgorod Region shall work together to draw the greatest possible advantage from the PSEDA and SEZ: it important not only to create these territories but also to attract high class residents on an ongoing basis.
the Governor of Novgorod region
Andrey Sergeevich Nikitin
Direct line with the Governor

Spheres for investing


Climate in Novgorod region is favorable for industrial crop farming. The cultivation area structure consists of forage, wheat, potatoes, oat, barley, open ground vegetables and triticale. Greenhouse vegetable production is developing as well.

Dairy and beef farming are the locomotives of the region’s livestock farming. Investment sites for meat stockbreeding development are created in each area.

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Spheres for investing

Industrial production

Spheres for investing

Mining and processing of natural resources

There are deposits of peat, limestones, quartz and construction sand, brick and tile clays, sand-gravel materials, sapropel, mineral paints, fresh groundwater, curative mud and other natural resources.

The total area of forest occupies 60% of the region’s territory – it is 65% of soft-wooded broad-leaved and 35% of coniferous plants.

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One-stop principle

Our help
Selection of investment sites
Obtaining agreements and permits
Interaction with utility providers
Selection of the governmental support measures and advising during execution of a document package for the support reception
Selection of funding sources and advising during execution of a document package to the financial organization
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Application for the project implementation
Contact information
Address: Veliky Novgorod Fedorovsky ruchey 2/13, shopping center "Diez", 4th floor

Success Story

AO “Lactis”

AO “Lactis” ranks among leading diary products manufacturers in the North-West of Russia. Semisecular active production allowed the company develop a reputation of quality food manufacturer, obtain many reliable partners and a whole community of loyal customers.  AO “Lactis”is the member of “Lactica” agroindustrial holding, that associates two milk processing plants, agricultural enterprises, a transportation company, a trading company and an affiliated retailer.

Success Story


“Location of the Novgorod Region between Moscow and St. Petersburg is geographically advantageous and provides a generous base of raw materials. These two factors were crucial for the plant construction territory choice. We plan to further increase the enterprise competitiveness in future by means of personnel development, forest utilization extension, investment in production upgrade and advanced management models implementation”.

Success Story

Organic Pharmaceuticals

Location of Okulovskiy district in the Novgorod region between Moscow and St. Petersburg is strategically winning. Transport communication provides optimal logistic expenses. This allows us establish fair and reasonable prices for the goods. Support from the Novgorod Region Government by means of incentive tax preferences positively affects the enterprise and allows invest more into production development, product range extension, increase of its marketability and customer appeal”.

Success Story

Medovy Dom (Honey House)

“We searched for a place where a packing facility could develop smoothly with economic costs. It is futureless to develop it in St. Petersburg using premises with exponentially increasing rental payments. On the other hand, the location should be within the reasonable logistic reach and provide transportation infrastructure. This is how we found the web-site of Batetskiy municipal area that offered various investment lands”.

Success Story

“BEZRK - Belgrankorm” agroindustrial holding

The project implementation location choice in the Novgorod Region was determined by several important factors. Governor of the Belgorod Region initiated the agrarian business transfer outside the territory, while Novgorod Region authorities sought to and provided facilities for third-party agrarian investors attraction to the region. As for our business, it was important that a new poultry production unit be located in a logistically convenient place: such great market channels as Moscow and St. Petersburg are almost equally remote from it”.