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Technopark residents carry out activities related to the following activities in accordance with the All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities OK 029-2014 (NACE REV. 2), adopted and introduced by order of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology dated January 31, 2014 N 14-st :

‒  research and development;
‒  technical testing, research, analysis and certification;
‒  activities in the field of information and communication;
‒  manufacturing industries (except for the production of tobacco products).

Residents of technoparks can count on the following benefits:
‒  reduced to 13.5% income tax rate credited to the city budget (5 years);
‒  real estate of legal entities located in a technopark or industrial park is not subject to real estate tax (5 years);
‒  2% rate under the simplified taxation system (5 years).

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