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Address: Velikiy Novgorod, B. Sankt-Peterburgskaya, 64

Technopark is a real estate objects community created for activities of business units according to technology parks activities types established by the Government of the Novgorod Region, consisting of land plots, office buildings, laboratory and industrial premises, engineering, transport, residential and social infrastructure facilities.


power supply – 6/04 kV voltage transformer substation TP-103, with 2,500 kVA installed capacity;

gas supply – moderate pressure air gas distribution network Du-108;

heat supply – 3.2 Gcal/h installed capacity boiler house;

water supply – 2 independent drinking water inlets (main and reserve ones), the water supply pipelines total length is 1,250 m;

water discharge – municipal sewage network, point of discharge of storm sewers release point.

Residents of GARO technopark:

OOO “GARO plant engineering services center”;


Total free premises area offered for GARO Technopark potential residents: 5,462.3 m2.

To obtain the technopark resident status, a company must meet the following requirements:

registration in the territorial bodies of the Federal Tax Service in the Novgorod region;

the implementation of permitted for the resident technopark types of economic activity;

no arrears with regard to taxes, fees, insurance premiums, penalties, fines due to breach of fiscal legislation of the Russian Federation;

the company should not be in the process of liquidation or bankruptcy.

Economic activities permitted for the technopark residents in accordance with the All-Russian Classification of Economic Activities:

research and development;

technical tests, research, analysis and certification;

activities in the information and communication sphere;

manufactures (except for tobacco products manufacture).

Supportive measures for technopark residents:

property tax rate – 0 % (for the period not exceeding 5 years);

the profit tax rate paid to the consolidated budget of the region – 13.5 % (for 5 tax periods starting from the tax period when the profit appeared);

tax rate charged due to application of the simplified taxation system for taxpayers choosing income as a taxable asset – 2 % (for a period not exceeding 5 years).