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Support measures for business incubator residents:

- property tax rate - 0% (for the period of the agreement with the management company); 
- tax rate of income tax credited to the consolidated budget of the region - 13.5% (for the period of the agreement with the management company); 
- the tax rate levied in connection with the application of the simplified taxation system for taxpayers who have chosen income as an object of taxation - 2% (for the period of the agreement with the management company).

  The maximum term for providing the premises of a business incubator for rent (sublease) to a resident of a business incubator should not exceed 3 years from the date of state registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur.

Business incubators cannot accommodate small and medium-sized businesses that carry out the following activities:
- retail or wholesale trade;
- construction, including repair and construction works;
- lawyer services, notaries;
- pawn shops;
- domestic services;
- repair, maintenance and washing of motor vehicles;
- distribution of outdoor advertising using advertising structures, advertising on vehicles;
- provision of motor transport services for the transportation of passengers and goods;
- medical and veterinary services;
- public catering (except canteens for employees of the business incubator and companies located in it);
- real estate transactions, including the provision of intermediary services;
- production of excisable goods, except for the manufacture of jewelry;
- extraction and sale of minerals;
- gambling business.

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