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 Address: Veliky Novgorod, st. Bolshaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya, 51, per. Bazovy, land plot 1

The utility and transport infrastructure of the industrial technopark being created will be represented by the following indicators:

1. The total volume of energy capacities (electricity), MW


2. The total amount of free energy capacity (electricity), MW


3. The total volume of heat supply capacities (designed boiler house), MW


4. Total volume of water supply capacities, m3/h, drinking water


5. Total free capacity of water supply, m3/hour


6. Total volume of water disposal capacities, m3/hour


7. Area of motor roads, sq.m


8. Communication channels, maximum access speed, Gbps


There is an entrance to the territory for trucks and cars, an emergency fire exit. Two parking lots: outside the territory for 50 cars and in the protected area of the technopark for more than 50 cars. Conditions for the provision of parking spaces are determined by the contract.

The technological infrastructure of the technopark being created will be represented by a congress and exhibition hall and an engineering center. The Congress and Exhibition Hall is intended for holding demonstration and discussion events, including those with the participation of residents of the industrial technopark in order to carry out scientific, technical or innovative activities. The congress and exhibition hall will be equipped with specialized furniture, video and audio equipment.

The main tasks of the functioning of the engineering center: technological support for production, introduction of new technologies, increasing the economic efficiency of production. Services provided by the engineering center:

1.   Development and manufacture of tooling, molds, dies, conductors and other methods of direct and reverse engineering. 

2.   Introduction of new technologies based on innovative methods of material processing.

3.  Introduction and development of elements of automatic and semi-automatic production lines, in order to increase the quality of products and reduce costs.

4.   Development of electronic devices, both actually produced products, and as composite devices of various production, technological and testing equipment.

5.   Development, modernization and manufacture of test equipment for the production of electronics and electronic components. 

6.   Modernization and repair of industrial electronics.

7.   Provision of laboratory research services, prototyping and testing of prototypes.  

8.   Writing programs and programming controllers for products of our own design, as well as writing and making changes to the programs of customers' products. 

9.   Storage of design and technical documentation in electronic form on secure own servers of the technology park.

 № p/p

Direction of use 



Production and technological equipment designed for the manufacture of prototypes, 

pilot batches and testing technical processes:

  • cutting laser 
  • laser for marking 
  • laser for welding
  • bending machine 
  • 3D milling machine 
  • spectrometer 
  • fluoroscope for metals 
  • laser machine  SF3015HC  
  • turning CNC ТС1720Ф4 
  • machining center ФС110 
  • machining center ФС65


 Equipment for prototyping and reverse engineering:

  • 3D printer 
  • 3D scanner


Office equipment, software and programmers, designed for product development, 

documentation for them, as well as writing programs and programming of electronic products:     

  • programmers EZP2019 USB SPI 
  • MFP, printer  
  • computers (set)  
  • WiFi hotspot  
  • Software Microsoft Win Pro 10 64-bit Rus 1pk DSP OEI DVD (FQC-08909-L) 
  • Data storage system BAUM-inform UNIFIED2500 UDS2000 B01 KM S12H24


PCB assembly equipment is designed to manufacture samples and pilot batches of electronic products:

  • solder paste dispenser
  • IFC oven
  • soldering stations
  • PP warming table
  • drilling machine


Radio measuring equipment intended for research, development and testing of radio-electronic equipment:

  • digital oscilloscope 
  • thermal imager 
  • digital multimeter 
  • power supplies 
  • signal generator 
  • electronic load 
  • voltmeter 
  • LATR 
  • breakdown installation 
  • digital microscope 
  • heat-cold chamber

The industrial technopark "Transvit" being created will be located on the territory of land plots with a total area of 1.85 hectares. The actual development of the site of the industrial technopark being created after the implementation of the project:

 № Real estate objects  Сharacteristic   Сadastral (conditional) number  Area, sq. m. 
1 Building (Non-residential building, Building of auxiliary workshops, number of storeys 4)  Production with administrative and amenity premises,
there are common facilities for residents
(engineering center and congress and exhibition hall), put into operation on 01.12.1995
2 Industrial building with an administrative building (Tit.1.1.) Production with administrative and amenity premises Unknown, newly built 2536,3
3    Industrial building with an administrative building (Tit.1.2.) Production with administrative and amenity premises Unknown, newly built 1481,6
4 Building (modular boiler room, Tit.1.3.)  Communal infrastructure facility Unknown, newly built      -
          Total 6506,3

At the moment, potential residents have booked areas in the amount of 3815 sq. m, free - 2257 sq. m.

A legal entity or an individual entrepreneur registered in the Novgorod region and operating in the following areas can become a resident of the industrial technopark "Transvit": manufacturing, research activities, innovations.

It is possible to become a technopark resident on a competitive basis by submitting an investment project for business development to the technopark commission for consideration, and to conclude a lease agreement for premises (office or industrial purposes) with an area of at least 50 sq. m.

Cost of services Planned rates for 2023-2024 (rub.)
Rent of industrial premises (sq. m) 240
Office space for rent (sq. m) 300
Cost of engineering center services (hour) 1200
The cost of renting the congress and exhibition hall (hour) 1000

Contact details:

LLC Technopark "Transvit", director of the technopark - Chunina Irina Nikolaevna

Phone: : 89116001510

Fax: 8 (8162) 33-97-55

E-mail: technopark@transvit.ru