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Direct line with the GovernorApplication for the project implementation

Development of infrastructure in the mono-industry towns

Support measure card

Parameter Value
Support type and terms
  • Provision of the investment projects with infrastructure entities in accordance with agreements between the Funds and the constituent entities of the Russian Federation Co-funding of the Fund is up to 95% of expenditures for the infrastructure formation
Support receivers Constituent entities of the Russian Federation, provided there are investment projects planned to be implemented in the mono-industry town
Governmental support period
  • Unlimited
Required documents for rendering the governmental support measure
  • An application for the expense co-funding
  • Appendix No. 1 – Data on the land plots (territory) required for implementation of new investment projects and on the land plots where formation of infrastructure entities is planned;
  • Appendix No. 2 – Technical and economic justification of development of the territory specified in Appendix No. 1;
  • Appendix No. 3 – Data on the new investment projects whose implementation requires construction and/or reconstruction of infrastructure entities, including data on each new investment project;
  • Appendix No. 4 – Extracts from the law (draft law) of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation regarding the budget of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation and/or resolution (draft resolution) about the local budget that reflect the intended arrival and spending channeling of the Fund’s means, budgetary funds of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and/or funds of the local budgets for construction and/or reconstruction of the infrastructure entities required for implementation of new investment projects, in the revenue and expenditure parts of the respective budgets;
  • Appendix No. 5 – Data sheet of a compound investment project (according to the form approved by the Ministry of finance of the Russian Federation);
  • Appendix No. 6 – Documents confirming the information stated in the Application and Appendices No. 1-4 thereto
Decision-making period 35 workdays