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Borovichi municipal settlement, single-industry municipality

Borovichi municipal settlement, single-industry municipality

Administrative center: the city of Borovichi

Location: East of the Novgorod Region

Distance to Velikiy Novgorod: 180 km

Part of Borovichskiy municipal area

Type: the Russian Federation single-industry municipality, Category 3

Population: 50,144 people

Employable population: 27,789 people

Registered unemployment level: 0.3 %

City-forming enterprise: AO “Borovichi Refractories Plant” Main economic activities of the enterprise: manufacture of refractory products (23.20)

Number of enterprises and institutions in the municipality: 909

Number of SMEs (including independent entrepreneurs) in the municipality: 2,279

It is planned to establish a Priority Social and Economic Development Area in the municipality