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TDP «Uglovka» is located in the southern part of the Okulovsky municipal district of the Novgorod region.
The area of TDP is 48 132 ha.

Presentation TDP «Uglovka» и TDP «Borovichi»

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 16, 2018 N 275 «On the creation of the Territory of Priority Development «Uglovka»

Logistics Logistics

  • Distance to Veliky Novgorod - 160 km.
  • Distance to St. Petersburg - 270 km.
  • Distance to Moscow - 380 km.
  • Distance to the exit on the highway M-11- 4 km.
  • Railway station «Uglovka» with a stop of the high-speed train «Sapsan»
  • Railway communication Uglovka - Borovichi
  • Less than 2 hours on the «Sapsan» from Moscow
  • Less than 2.5 hours on the «Sapsan» from St. Petersburg

  • Benefits for TDP-residents

    Ordinary tax regime    Taxation in the TDP    

    Corporate property tax rate


    0% - the first 5 years after obtaining the status
    1,1% - next 5 years

    The rate of the federal part of income tax


    0% - first 5 years after making a profit
    from activity

    The rate of the regional part of income tax


    5% - first 5 years;
    10% - next 5 years

    Contributions to the Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund,
    Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund


    7,6% - first 10 years

    Requirements for TDP-residents

     Investment project: Investment project:

    • The volume of capital investments during the first year - at least 2.5 million rubles
    • In the first year to be created at least 10 permanent jobs
    • Compliance of the type of economic activity with the list defined in Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on the creation of the TDP «Uglovka»

     Entity: Entity:

    • Place of registration - Uglovsky rural settlement
    • Doing Business on the territory of the Uglovsky urban settlement
    • A legal entity is not a city-forming organization
    • Uglovsky urban settlement or its subsidiary

    Types of economic activity


    Crop and animal husbandry, hunting
      and provision of services in these areas


    Repair and installation of machinery and equipment

      Fishing and fish farming


    Warehousing and storage activities


    Production of soft drinks


    Cargo handling


    Wood processing and production of wood and cork products,  
      except furniture


    Activities for the provision of places for temporary residence


    Production of chemicals
      and chemical products


    Product Delivery Activities
    food and drink


    Production of medicines and materials used for medical purposes


    Health activities


    Manufacture of rubber and plastic products


    Activities in the field of sports, recreation and entertainment


    Furniture manufacture


    Residents TDP «Uglovka»

    • OOO «Valdai cosmetics» - production of perfumes and cosmetics;
    • OOO «Sil-plast» - production of plastic products for packaging goods;
    • JSC «Novkhimset» - production of other chemical organic basic substances (construction of a plant for the production of ether);
    • LLC «MANUFECCHURING CARGO SERVICE» - production of soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing agents, lubricants, lubricant additives and antifreeze.

    Social infrastructure


    • GBUZ «Okulovskaya Central District Hospital»
    • 3 consultations (children's consultation, women's consultation)
    • 2 clinics (central district clinic, dental clinic)
    • 9 medical stations (1-mobile)
    • 3 medical outpatient clinics
    • General Practitioner Center in Uglovka


    • Okulovsky branch of OAPOU «Borovichi Agro-Industrial College»
    • 3 secondary schools in Okulovka
    • 4 secondary schools in Okulovsky district
    • 1 secondary school in Uglovka
    • 6 kindergartens in Okulovsky district
    • 1 kindergarten in Uglovka


    • 2 sports halls
    • 2 football pitches
    • hockey court
    • Ski Track
    • 3 gyms and fitness rooms


    • Intersettlement Cultural and Leisure Center
    • Library and Information Center
    • Uglovsky Intersettlement House of Culture
    • The system of rural clubs in settlements
    • Museum of Local Lore
    • 3 branches of the music school
    • Youth House