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Direct line with the GovernorApplication for the project implementation

Business incubator “X10” offers development opportunities to young businessmen.

Becoming business incubator residents, they will get manufacturing platform, tax advantages, legal and accounting services. On December, 25, a new business incubator was visited by the governor Andrey Nikitin.
“It is a comfortable, very interesting, unusual platform, I think, people will be able to develop their business here easily. The incubator has a very good perspective. It can be also used by those young people completed the program “You are a businessman” who with their own ideas for business. They will get all needed help here”, - noted the head of the region.
SCL «Trust green household» is the business incubator establisher. Total floor area is 299 m2. Places for prospective residents are furnished with all necessary office equipment and access to data telecommunications network. Also, there is a meeting room on the business incubator territory.

The current resident LLC “I topper” occupies 35.2 m2. The company produces plywood products for floristics, including decorative insertion in bouquet, boxes and cache-pot for flowers. For residents’ number expansion the business incubator’s management team is currently negotiating with LLC “Diamond Canvas”, manufacturing sets with diamond mosaics, and Victor Ostapenko’s peasant farming household, specializing in growing greenhouse young plants.
“Today we have 1 current resident, also two ones are finalizing documents. I think, starting from February next year we will include them into the list of main residents. They are start-up companies who have understanding of business. Our aim is to develop them to the full, give impulse to them. Companies have opportunity to work in our business incubator for 3 years, and we have to make them professionals. Ideally – ready to export”, - said the director of business incubator Ivan Bulanushkin.

The plan of business incubator’s business team “X10” is to create a floristics cluster. Also, the organization is going to enter foreign trade platforms, to develop their own directions and trends in floristics.
On December, 24 the first technopark was opened in Veliky Novgorod. The technopark and business incubator residents will get significant advantages. For the first 5 years companies are completely exempt from property taxes. During the same period residents are allowed to pay 13,5% of profit tax instead of 17%. Also, they get 2% fee of the simplified taxation system.
“Novgorod region development agency” provides comprehensive support to infrastructures, and also looks for perspective residents. In the beginning of 2019 working meetings will take place on development of both platforms.
25 декабря 2018 12:16:00
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