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It is the first private technopark opened with the region support. On the “GARO” enterprise platform, its residents are provided almost 5.5 thousand m2. “GARO” enterprise center of engineering service and company “MP-SN” have already been located here. Yesterday, on December 24, the technopark’s platform was visited by the governor Andrey Nikitin.
“The technopark will be useful for young people who want to create manufacturing companies. They will be able to save money and energy for building, network cable laying, but come to the prepared place which has all necessary engineering communications, and they will get assistance from scientific research consulting service”, commented Andrey Nikitin and noted that the “GARO” enterprise technopark won’t remain the only one in the region. “Novgorod region development agency” continues its work on creating such platforms in Staraya Russa and Borovichi.
The technopark residents get significant advantages. For the first 5 years a company is completely exempt from property taxes. During the same period residents are allowed to pay 13,5% of profit tax instead of 17%. Also, they get 2 % fee of the simplified taxation system.
Also, the location of the technopark is its advantage – not far from the city center and close to NovSU. Andrey Busurin the Meer of Veliky Novgorod said that close connection to the university will provide development to the whole city.
“We wanted to create infrastructure and point of attraction for people who can open their production here. Also, the advantage of the technopark is that companies can easily cooperate with each other. Today two residents have come to us, there exist more prospective candidates”, - informed the chairman of board of directors of the group of companies “GARO” Andrey Sobolevskiy.
We’ll add that LLC “TSYNUS of “GARO” enterprise” is engaged in scientific research in the area of natural and technical sciences. The company produces devices, sensors, equipment and tools for measurement, controlling and testing for vehicle technical inspection. 13 people work for the enterprise.
LLC “MP-SN” carries out research in the area of natural and technical sciences, produces supporting and turning devices, gyrostabilized platforms, gyrostabilized electrooptic systems which are used in manned and unmanned aircrafts, land chassis, sea and river vessels. Apart from the basic activity the enterprise provides a full range of metal processing and metal fabrication services, repairs optoelectronic devices and systems, lenses of different range spectrum and infrared receivers.

Photos and materials belong to Press-Center of Novgorod region government, 2018
24 декабря 2018 09:58:00
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