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Approximately One Hundred Entrepreneurs Underwent Training from the Novgorod Export Support Centre

On 8 November, My Business Centre in Novgorod hosted the last training session for export-oriented organisations this year. Liliya Arakelova, Head of the Educational Programmes Division of the Department of Educational and Acceleration Programmes of the Moscow Export Centre under the Moscow City Government, gave a masterclass Finding Foreign Customers: Building a Sales System in International Markets for entrepreneurs.

“I would like to share the basic approach to selling overseas. The search and validation of a foreign partner is only one step in a longer journey. Preparation to export is a must. It’s a long and hard work. Competition in the international market is fierce. Our exporters need to be imaginative. Today, the focus shifts online. Many companies enter e-markets, which are highly competitive. You need to understand how international trade works. You also need to be able to negotiate and bargain for goods and additional terms with your partners. You also need to understand the foreign market and your product, to study the country you will be entering: mentality, customs, financial situation, legal issues. However, Russian entrepreneurs, especially those from Novgorod, have good prospects despite competition and other difficulties. We deliver high-quality products. This is noted by foreign consumers. We are rightly proud of many of our products. Furthermore, there is a solid export support structure in place. A lot is being done today to provide exporters with a wide range of tools,” said Lilia Arakelova.

Representatives of 30 companies from Veliky Novgorod and its municipalities took part in the master class. The class was held in both face-to-face and distance formats. Their businesses range from the manufacture and sale of women’s accessories to the production of dairy products and industrial equipment.

The Novgorod Export Support Centre noted that this was the fourth master class this year. During the previous three training sessions, entrepreneurs learned about negotiating with foreign buyers, financial and legal control of an export contract, and modern online sales in Turkey. In total, around 100 people attended the seminars.

We would like to remind you that the Novgorod Export Support Centre, with the support of the Regional Ministry of Investment Policy, organises events for businesses within the framework of the national projects Small and Medium Enterprises, International Cooperation and Export.
08 ноября 2023 12:46:00
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