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Best Exporters of the North-West Honoured in Veliky Novgorod

Governor Andrey Nikitin took part in the ceremony of awarding prizes to the winners and prize-winners of the district stage of the annual all-Russian Exporter of the Year Award on 3 October. The event was held at Intellectual Electronics — Valdai Innovative Science and Technology Centre. Entrepreneurs in the North-West Federal District competed for the title of best in 17 nominations.

SPLAT GLOBAL from Novgorod came second in two nominations: Industrial Exporter of the Year and Responsible ESG Exporter in the Large Companies category. The company offers oral care products, eco-friendly home care products and natural cosmetics. It has its own support infrastructure abroad and uses a variety of sales tools in foreign markets.

Andrey Nikitin noted that despite sanctions and restrictions, the Novgorod Region is continuing to expand its exporting potential. Just a few years ago, a significant proportion of Novgorod’s exports went to Europe. Nowadays, an important process of restructuring export flows is underway.

“With the regional business missions and the support of the REC, we are quite successful. A trip to India, for example, has multiplied our trade turnover in recent years. INNOPROM was well received in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, where our companies won additional contracts. Besides, we increased exports to Azerbaijan, Korea, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Serbia and the Emirates. The REC provides support across the country, while we add our own regional measures. For example, we are supporting the entry of our very small exporters into e-markets. We are making progress. Our momentum is positive,” Andrey Nikitin said.

Nikita Gusakov, Senior Vice-President of the Russian Export Centre, Director General of the Russian insurance agency EXIAR, noted that the award is more important than ever and that export promotion is one of the most important tasks. Exporters need to feel the support of regional and federal authorities.

“Last year we supported more than $5 billion worth of exports from the North-West and more than 2,500 exporters. The geography is changing. We are witnessing an increase in exports to China, Turkey and India. Entrepreneurs benefit from all our umbrella measures available to all those wishing to export. Since companies entering the Eastern markets have very high logistics costs, there are also specific measures related to logistics. The government has imposed special measures, mainly for the timber industry,” he said.

The country’s top exporters will be selected from the first-place winners of the district stages. The names will be announced at the Made in Russia forum, which will be held on 19–20 October in Moscow.

The Exporter of the Year Award is organised as part of the International Cooperation and Export National Project under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Agriculture. It is awarded for successful projects in exporting non-energy-related goods, works and services, as well as the results of intellectual activities.
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