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Construction of university campus in Veliky Novgorod will allow students to live in contemporary accommodation

The issue of building a modern university campus in Veliky Novgorod was discussed at the meeting of the Novgorod Region Governor Andrey Nikitin with students. It was held on the Russian Students Day, at the site of Yaroslav the Wise Novgorod State University, Intellectual Electronics — Valdai Innovative Science and Technology Centre.

The students of the Novgorod university say that the university dormitories are being systematically repaired now, but the issue of the city residential accommodation and infrastructure is still of current concern. The number of students has doubled during the last few years, while the number accommodations in the dormitories has not increased in the same proportion.

Ilya Ivanov, the chairman of the student council of dormitories, asked the Head of the region, how many accommodation places will be in the campus, what facilities will be located on its territory, and whether there are plans to create new spaces for the young people.

Andrey Nikitin informed that the modern university campus will have a capacity of four thousand accommodations where the best students of the university and colleges will study and live.

“There will be a whole city on the campus. It will house shops, restaurants and cafes, gyms, co-working spaces and much more besides. Ideally, one will be able do a ton of interesting things without leaving the campus. The campuses are designed according to the highest standards. The students should have the possibility to live in a modern and comfortable dormitory. We are going to solve this issue by building this campus in Veliky Novgorod,” emphasised Andrey Nikitin.

As a reminder, the construction of the university campus will be carried out under the national Science and Universities project initiated by the President. The construction will start this year. The campus will become a part of the University City concept. Construction is being carried out by Novgorodskaya Special Economic Zone in partnership with the Government of the Novgorod Region and Yaroslav the Wise Novgorod State University.
18 марта 2024 16:09:00
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