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Novgorod Region Confirmed the Efficiency of Work with Investors

The Novgorod Region confirmed the implementation of the Regional Investment Standard. It was announced at the plenary session of the Regional Investment Standard 2023 Forum. Over 700 participants from 81 constituent entities of the country, representatives of the federal government, the Ministry of Economic Development and the business community attended this event held in Nizhny Novgorod. Yevgeny Bogdanov, First Deputy Governor of Novgorod, led the Novgorod delegation.

“Overall, the estimates of standard implementation in the regions of the country are quite high, averaging between 80 and 90%. The evaluation shows, however, that there is still room for improvement. It is particularly relevant to informing regional investors and improving the quality of the interaction between investors, regional teams and resource-supplying organisations. We need to work continuously to improve the investment climate. The aim of this work is to have an end result, which is the volume of investment in the region,” First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov told at the plenary session.

For his part, Yevgeny Bogdanov stressed that the Novgorod region was one of the pioneers in the country to start implementing the investment standard in the spring of 2021.

“The objective was to build up a system for individual support of investors which would operate according to clear and transparent rules. The region has confirmed the implementation of Standard toolkit for the second year in a row. Crucially, this conclusion is reached by entrepreneurs with existing investment projects. The Novgorod region was ranked 5th in the investment attractiveness national rating for the implementation of the Regional Investment Standard. Among other things, the Standard tools are used to make management decisions, greatly simplify the interaction between investors and resource-supplying organisations, and regulate the procedures of the Development Agency. Consequently, we have reached a whole new level of communication with the business. The Novgorod region has secured its status as an attractive region for investment,” Yevgeny Bogdanov stated.

The Forum also included a meeting of the State Council Investment Commission. Participants discussed the system of incentives for socially responsible business. A number of thematic master classes were also held on the Forum’s sidelines. They discussed how resource-supplying organisations interact with the authorities, how the preferential regime works, and how the system works for gathering feedback and informing investors.
16 октября 2023 12:34:00
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