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Novgorod region development agency intends to develop technoparks and clusters in the region

On the 20th of March the director of Novgorod region development agency Alexander Dementiev met the managers of Novgorod technopark Andrey Sobolevskiy and Tatyana Chugunova for discussing the organization’s development.
Technopark “Garo” was officially opened in December 2018 and since that it has become “face of the city” in the investment area: the first thing the investors do is visit technopark and get acquainted with it as with a key site for starting business in Veliky Novgorod. The technopark is distinguished from other city investment sites by a really advantageous location in the center of the city, convenient access roads, available area of 5 500 m2 and tax preferences.
At present there are two residents in the technopark: LLC “Cinus” and LLC “MP-SN”.
Now the main aim of the technopark “Garo” is comprehensive development, formation of strong and constructive relations with “Association for the development of clusters and technology parks of Russia”. Novgorod region development agency joined the Association last autumn.
Already on the 22nd of March Alexander Dementiev together with head of business support infrastructure development of Novgorod region development agency Grigori Nikitin went to Moscow to the working meeting with the managers of the Association. One of the key questions at the meeting was to define the direction of further development of the relations with Novgorod region development agency. The parties agreed to hold a joint strategic session in Veliky Novgorod concerning creating and functioning of technoparks and organizing clusters.
Deputy director for project-analytical work Leonid Danilov retained to Novgorod region a qualified specialist who will consult on all matters.
First deputy director of the Association Mikhail Labudin invited the colleagues to join either in presence or a via a webinar to participating in business mission on the question of studying practical aspects of forming and functioning of industrial technopark which will take place on the 5th of April in the Republic of Mordovia.

Photo: Association for the development of clusters and technology parks of Russia
25 марта 2019 11:59:00
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