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Technopark “Garo” was visited by a specialist of the biggest technopark of Poland Bartolomey Ostrovskiy

The city of Wroclaw is the fourth biggest city of Poland, the center of producing Volvo buses, railway carriages and locomotives, chemical products and electronics. Today Wroclaw technopark unites 200 hi-tech companies and creates 1600 additional workplaces for the metropolitan agglomeration. Academic and open business incubators, coworking, 12 specialized laboratories and centers of shared use, among which there is a unique “technology tape” are also located on the territory of the technopark. It lets companies to create a prototype of an item on the equipment of last generation. Bartolomey Ostrovskiy, leading specialist of Wroclaw technopark, told about that during the meeting with the managers of Novgorod technopark “Garo”. The guest has also shared his experience of building relations with the residents and told about favorable programmes in his country.
Novgorod technopark is very new. It was opened a month ago, and contacts with experienced colleagues from abroad is of great interest and use for the technopark’s development. “Garo”’s management – Andrey Sobolevskiy and Tatyana Chugunova showed the guest rooms for future residents, training center and manufacturing site of one of the technopark’s residents. The parties exchanged contacts and agreed to cooperate closely. Notably, Novgorod region development agency is aimed at looking for the technopark’s residents in the area of creative economy, information technology, industrial robots, supporting components of “smart city”, optical electronics and intellectual systems of automobile diagnostics. In its turn, technopark “Garo” offers an already completed infrastructure: from rooms and utilities to tax relieves.
Let’s remind that the technopark’s residents are totally exempt from property tax for five years. During the same period residents are allowed to pay profit tax to the regional budget in the amount of 13,5% instead of 17%. The residents using simplified taxation system get 2% rate.
08 февраля 2019 16:08:00
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