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The Novgorod region has passed the national contest for export training

The education programme “Regions’s export 2.0” for regional management teams has started on May 22 in Moscow for 15 regions across Russia. It is carried by School of Export of Russian Export Centre. The Novgorod region team had passed the national contest and was included to the list of regions, which were invited for training. The Novgorod team included the leaders of the economic block of the region, local authorities, business support institutions, business associations, Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University. There are 11 people in total. Part of the team is studying full-time, part - remotely.

In three days, representatives of the regions will have to assess the impact of the internal and external environment on the export potential of the subject, develop methodological approaches to the development of regional export development programmes, including the interaction with businesses. Also on the agenda are various master classes, practical tasks, lectures on export issues, and the training began with getting to know the participants. The Novgorod team was introduced by the Minister of Investment Policy Denis Nosachev. He also described the export development situation in the region.

Against the backdrop of sanctions, the Novgorod Region is set to expand its sales markets through the BRICS countries, the Persian Gulf, and North Africa. The region intends to gain a foothold in the markets of Latin America and Southeast Asia.

“We continue to work on the implementation of a portfolio of investment projects, including those of our largest exporters, and help with import substitution. This will lead to the achievement of the indicators that we set for ourselves in the export strategy of the region - an increase in the volume of non-primary non-energy exports by at least 70%” - Denis Nosachev emphasised in his speech.

The region also relies on the export of products of the radio-electronic industry, IT products, tourism services, products of small and medium-sized businesses.

“Comprehensive support for small start-up exporters allows Novgorod goods to expand the geography of their presence. In 2022, our products were purchased in 104 countries. By 2030, we plan to increase this figure to 121 countries. Despite the difficulties with logistics, money transfers and other circumstances, the Novgorod region will continue to take a strong position in foreign markets. And more than 200 individual entrepreneurs and organisations of the region will continue to export their goods.” added Denis Nosachev.

Among the measures to support exporters from the sector of small and medium-sized businesses, the minister singled out subsidies for training, compensation for part of the costs of logistics, promotion of retail networks, assistance with certification of export products, launching on international marketplaces, and organising business missions.

In addition, export training for regional teams is provided for by the Regional Export Standard. A document that contains a list of measures to improve the conditions for the development of exports in the regions. It was developed in pursuance of the national project "International Cooperation and Export".
23 мая 2023 09:46:00
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