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Direct line with the GovernorApplication for the project implementation

The support of entrepreneurship in the region was one of the topics discussed at the meeting of the assembly of the Ministry of the Investments of the Novgorod region

The meeting took place on May 26 under the leadership of First Deputy Governor Evgeny Bogdanov.

According to the Minister of Investment Policy Denis Nosachev, over 413 million roubles have been allocated for the implementation of the national project "Small and Medium Enterprises" this year, while in 2022 - 299.8 million roubles. Thanks to the national project in the region over the past few years, the number of individual entrepreneurs using the patent system of taxation has increased by 9 times. State support also encourages residents of the region to become self-employed. Since the summer of 2020, almost 21 thousand people have chosen this tax regime for themselves.

“Since 2019 over 13 thousand of small and medium enterprises and self-employed have received federal, regional and municipal support measures” noted the minister.

Listing measures to support entrepreneurship, Denis Nosachev drew attention to the fact that the Moy Bizness (My Business) centre provides more than 260 services. This is 144.4% more than in 2019. From 2021 to 2022, the volume of concessional business loans from the Novgorod Small Business Support Fund increased by 153.8% and reached 1.2 billion roubles, while the volume of guarantees provided increased by 214.3%. With the assistance of the export centre, last year the business signed contracts worth almost $9 million.

Reporting on the work of the ministry over the past year in terms of supporting investors, Denis Nosachev noted the growth in private investment and investment in fixed assets to 47.7 billion roubles and 57.2 billion roubles, respectively.

“In 2022, the implementation of 6 investment projects was completed in the region. The amount of investment in them amounted to 2.5 billion roubles, 347 new jobs were created. To date, 50 investment projects are in operation. The total volume of investments exceeds 91 billion roubles, it is planned to create more than 6.5 thousand jobs.” Denis Nosachev continues.

One of the tools for creating a favourable investment climate in the region is the introduction of the Regional Investment Standard. These are clear rules for interaction between the authorities and the investor. They are needed in order to make the procedure for implementing an investment project as transparent and understandable as possible. The Novgorod region began to implement the Standard in 2021 as one of the 12 “pilot” regions, and in 2022 it successfully completed this procedure, receiving a positive appraisal from the business.

“I would like to thank the Novgorod region for their assistance and proactive work. All 5 elements of the Standard have been successfully implemented, last year it was noted by regional and federal business.” commented the representative of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia Artem Beda, participating at the meeting by videocall.

Evgeny Bogdanov, in turn, noted that the functionality of the ministry has expanded significantly. It coordinates the implementation of such large and important projects in the region as the creation of the industrial technopark "Transvit", the construction of a world-class campus, the special economic zone “Novgorod”, the first production building of which is 80% ready.

The ministry assembly was held for the first time. In addition to employees of the Ministry and its subordinate institutions, it was attended by the Chairman of the Novgorod Regional Duma Yuri Bobryshev, deputies, representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the Russian Export Centre, business support infrastructure, the management of the Novgorod SEZ, members of the Public Council under the Ministry. The new format provides for a department report on its work over the past year and announcements for the near future. The event ended with the presentation of certificates and gratitude letters to the members of the Ministry of Investment team.
29 мая 2023 10:02:00
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