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Valdai Innovative Science and Technology Centre Has Six New Residents

Following a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Valdai Innovative Science and Technology Centre Foundation, six companies were granted the status of residents of the Novgorod Innovation Valley. This was reported by the University’s press service.

Technodoc Neftegaz is developing a hardware and software suite for the verification of shut-off valves in the oil and gas industry. The withdrawal of foreign manufacturers from the Russian market created a need for shut-off and control valve diagnostics. Foreign systems cost about 70,000 US dollars; the Russian analogue will be twice as cheap. The developers note that the parameter measurement interval will be eight times shorter than with foreign analogues.

Innovatsiya-N has developed a prototype of an electrically-powered transformable wheelchair designed as an axial motorised wheel with a built-in generator. The wheelchair is unique in that it can move sideways and change width by reclining the backrest and armrests. ISTC Valdai’s residence status will help the Novgorod company to create an industrial model with fully domestic equipment, conduct tests in real conditions, start pilot production, and get certified.

Nova Devices has developed another product that will make life easier for people with disabilities— remote window control system. Installed on the window sash to replace conventional plastic handles, it responds to voice commands from the user as well as external factors such as high concentrations of exhaust fumes. In this case, the window opening degree will be automatically adjusted.

Avangard Design and Assembly Centre is implementing a project in the field of scientific data analysis. This helps businesses find effective, innovative ways of solving problems or improving existing products or service. RnD in the field of information technology enables the creation of new software products and solutions that can improve the efficiency of business processes and enhance data security.

Right Trading House became a resident of ISTC Valdai with the Research, Development and Manufacturing (RnD+M) project. The project focuses on the development of design solutions in the field of IT technologies, low current systems, security systems, communication systems, intelligent video surveillance.

COS&HT MC’s mission is to create a unified platform for medical rehabilitation by remotely controlling the performance of exercise equipment. The user should register on the system portal and get access to methodological materials on how to carry out a series of exercises. Depending on the prescribed rehabilitation programme, the patient receives a hardware and software suite for 2–3 months to monitor the performance of intensive amplitude/hand exercise sets.

There are a total of 25 residents in Valdai Innovative Science and Technology Centre.
22 декабря 2023 12:51:00
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